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TO TELL THE TRUTH PLAYS"Guests" include Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Thomas Edison


Biographies in U.S. History

Adopting the format of the classic game show, these plays help students learn about famous people. Panelists ask questions of three people pretending to be a famous historical figure; one plays the actual figure, the others play imposters. The object of the play is to follow the questioning to determine just which guest is telling the truth. In the process, students develop oral reading, listening, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Each play shows students that famous people were once kids themselves and had to deal with many issues that young people face today. "Guests" include Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison, and more. Each play can be completed in 40 minutes. Grades 4–8. Interact. ©2010.

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