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ADVOCATING FOR ABOLITIONStudents role-play famous abolitionists


Staging an Abolitionist Society Meeting

By Joan Brodsky Schur and Andy Robinson. Role-playing actual luminaries of the abolition movement, students write pamphlets putting forth various strategies for ending slavery (e.g., whether to work within the political system, pacifism vs. violence), form groups with the like-minded, and debate and vote on these positions as attendees of an Abolitionist Society meeting in 1855. In addition to the events leading to the Civil War, the standards-based unit addresses U.S. government and civics by raising constitutional issues including women's suffrage. Associated activities include writing a reflective essay and crafting a newspaper article on the debates. The teacher's guide provides complete procedures, objectives, materials lists, historical background and biographies, all handout masters, debrief, and assessments. The entire unit runs for six class periods; certain optional activities may stand alone. Grades 6–12. Bibliography. Interact. 86 pages. 2011 revised edition.

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