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An Integrated Primary Unit Teaching Map Skills

Beautifully organized and fully self-contained, this unit teaches primary children how to read map symbols, understand scale and direction, locate political divisions and natural features, identify different kinds of maps, and relate maps to globes. Students also study U.S. geography (Name That State game) and learn about continents, hemispheres, time zones, the earth's rotation, and its movement around the sun. The package includes parent letters, forms, detailed setup directions, daily teaching tips, a step-by-step procedure for each of 15 days (10+ hours of instruction), and more than 40 reproducible maps and lesson aids. Grades K–3. Bibliography. 8½" x 11". Interact. 138 pages.

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INT414-WBINT 9781573363334 Reproducible unit $59.95
INT414E-WBINT Downloadable version (4 MB) $59.95

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