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Travel Teams Take a Road Trip Across the United States, Researching and Writing on Their Journey

Small groups of students cooperate as Travel Teams, canvassing the country and gathering facts and features of each state along their route. They complete a variety of written and multimedia team projects such as sightseeing postcards, welcome billboards, and state discovery posters. Students learn to use and interpret maps, budget and manage travel expenses, and research state-specific information. Learning is synthesized with an individual final project—travel brochure or travel essay of a favorite state or point-of-interest. While 11-page student booklets prepare students to take on rotating roles in the Travel Teams, the 70-page teacher's guide provides daily objectives, procedures, and reproducible handouts. Grades 4–6. Time required: up to 25 class periods. 8½" x 11". Interact. ©2006.

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