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A digital platform with over 3500 ready-to-use activities
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An online trove of educational content promotes inquiry-based learning. Active Classroom provides a wide variety of content choices, the power to differentiate for readiness levels and learning modes, and flexibility in tailoring and managing assignments.

Robust Content

Deliver powerful lessons with minimal preparation time. Lessons come from publishers that teachers know and love.

A Flexible Technology Solution

Active Classroom works for every classroom, whether one computer per student or one per classroom

Digital and printable

for both the high-tech and single-computer/one-projector classroom.

One Click

on a grade level or a state or Common Core standard displays all correlated lessons.

Create, Assign, Share

Creating and organizing differentiated curriculum units is as easy as "drag and drop."

Customize, Differentiate

by choosing readings at level, below level, or for advanced readers, and by using multiple media to engage students of all learning styles.

Activities Galore

With 3500 lessons,
there's something for everyone.

We're Here for You

Professional Development

We work with your teachers to ensure successful implementation of content and tools, covering topics such as needs-based assessment, curriculum content, and differentiated instruction.

Curriculum Mapping

Send us your district-specific standards, then we'll build you customized week-by-week Active Classroom activity sets that will enable you to launch your curriculum immediately.

Powerful Content!

Remarkably Affordable

Put an extensive trove of resources and activities at a teacher's fingertips for one low price with no hidden per-student fees.

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