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A Historical Simulation Teaching Public Speaking and Listening Skills

As Greek exiles from the land of Podium, student "families" journey back to their homeland by completing speech—seven different public-speaking experiences—and Family Fate activities. The amount of cargo families take with them is determined by how well they do on pantomimes, word definitions, and listening-skill activities. After studying the elements of speech writing, students write their own presentation, introduction, acceptance, informative, and persuasive speeches, all in different settings. The 56-page teacher's guide includes complete procedures, handout masters, and assessments. The 16-page student guides provide an overview, directions and tips for each phase, and a scoring sheet. As written, the simulation runs for 15 class periods, though smaller classes may require less time. Grades 4–9. Interact. Second Edition.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 4–6

Common Core correlations, Grades 7–9intla Interact1

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