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Student Pairs Role-Play Buyers and Sellers in a Classroom Mini-City

Student pairs choose stores to run from a list of class-approved businesses, then design a storefront and merchandise catalog. They price items and decide on sales and discounts to offer customers. As shoppers visit, proprietors make change, calculate percentages, and manage day-to-day cash flow, keeping records of income and expenses in the seller's guide. While one student earns a salary running the store, the other student shops according to the buyer's guide, making purchases with cash, checks, and a debit card; by trading roles, both sharpen their money-management skills. Students make decisions about what to buy and draw situation cards that add unexpected challenges. The teacher's guide contains complete procedures, handout and money masters, activities, and answer keys. Play money is also sold separately below. The simulation runs for 10 to 15 class periods. Grades 3–6. Interact. ©2006.

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QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
INT903-WBINT 9781573364119 Simulation, 3 posters $79.95
INT903E-WBINT Downloadable version (44.8 MB) $79.95
INT903SG1-WBINT 9781560044321 18 printed sellers' guides (optional) $19.95
INT903SG2-WBINT 9781560044338 18 printed buyers' guides (optional) $19.95
INT904-WBINT Play money kit $39.95

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