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PATRIOTSStudents learn about the underlying causes and major battles of the Revolutionary War


A Simulation and Resource Notebook on the American Revolution

Covering the years between 1761 and 1783, this multifaceted collection of over 50 activities, readings, role plays, writing exercises, skits, and more helps familiarize students with the underlying causes, major battles, and famous players of the Revolutionary War. Activities take from 1–3 class periods and touch on a wide range of learning modes ranging from verbal to visual to kinesthetic; for example, in the chapter on revolutionaries, students read about spies, learn to write and decode secret messages, create replicas of important war figures and present biographies to the class, and perform a drama on the Minutemen. A 324-page resource notebook contains all the activities; an accompanying teacher's guide summarizes goals and provides detailed instructions and procedures for each activity. Grades 5–11. Interact. ©2000.

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