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A Thematic Unit Introducing and Reinforcing the Relationship Between Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

Working in jigsaw groups, students become experts on four standard measures of capacity. After sharing with and demonstrating to the rest of their group what they've learned, they learn an easy "trick" for converting measurements by using their bodies as mnemonic devices. Along with flash-card practice and peer tutoring, easy conversions are reinforced through audio, visual, and kinesthetic activities. Students grasp a real-world application of knowledge on a culminating trip to a grocery store where they identify and record products and the sizes of packaging. The teacher's guide contains procedures, optional extension activities, handout masters, and assessments. A 22" x 34" "Conversion Kid" wall chart is included. The complete unit runs for four class periods for grades 2 through 4, and five class periods for grade 5. Grades 2–5. Interact.

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